Revolut Android application Quality Review

With this post we are starting a new thread focused on mobile applications review from the Software Quality perspective.

Disclaimer - Our goal is not to demonstrate reviewed mobile application in a bad light but to showcase our testing expertise. All issues that will be listed in this review were reported to the application owner prior to posting this post and might have been fixed already.

The first application that was reviewed by us is the application developed by very popular financial service which recently reached 4 million users worldwide - Revolut. We focused on Revolut Android application this time.

Test environment:

  • Device: Google Pixel
  • Operational system: Android 9 (Pie)
  • Network: WiFi/4G
  • Revolut application version: 5.36.0

Application and service description

Just a few words about the Standard services package provided by Revolut for Personal non-business customers which was used during our testing:

  1. Free UK current account
  2. Free Euro IBAN account
  3. Spend in over 150 currencies at the interbank exchange rate
  4. No fee exchange in 24 fiat currencies up to £5,000 per month
  5. No fee ATM withdrawals up to £200 per month

Application impression from User perspective

In general Revolut Android application leaves really positive impression. The User Interface is clean and nice with cool animations here and there. It feels that it has been developed with love and professional attitude - at the end this is a financial services app and engineers are paid for their work, right.

First of all, as a user you have to use to its wide functionality range as this app is not only for sending and receiving money. It surrounds you with a lot of options to manage your financial flows, especially useful for those who may travel a lot and who wants to avoid banking fees when paying or making transfers abroad.

If you monitor the this application evolvement you can notice that new features are added fast and app grows functionally like a mushroom after the rain.

But such a rapid growth doesn't go without mistakes - after diving deeper into application functionality many small and sometimes major issues can be observed. The following section will describe issues found by us during application usage with the basic user account (Revolut QAs, if you read this, sorry for that :)

Application Quality Review

The issues and suggestions which you will see below were found after roughly 4 hours manual exploratory testing round.

Functional and UI issues

We will start from smaller issues that don't impact user much but give an impression that there can be even bigger problems.

  1. First observation was that Fingerprint functionality doesn't work well. There were cases when it was not possible to use Fingerprint login option despite the fact it was activated. Or it was not possible to switch to fingerprint from Passcode screen:

  2. Unexpectedly user can tap on Passcode circle icons making the whole Passcode functionality unresponsive:

  3. In case of multiple currencies (which is the common case for most of the users) the balance inside toolbar overlap the settings and search icons:

  4. One hidden and useless button was observed on statement screen:

  5. Rename standing order screen suppose to have an EditText field but try to find it if the whole screen is white:

  6. If user pauses budget creation by switching to other application all previously set data is vanished, forcing the user to set them again:

Below are the issues that may lead to mistakes in money transfers or to issues with incorrect information about account balance:

  1. When there is a need to change the currency during transaction amount split the cursor is moved to the first position even if some value was provided before. This may lead to the wrong total amout for the split:

  2. The balance in Accounts screen shown wronlgy after reverting the recent transfer. This happens until user goes through the Passcode or fingerprint authentication.

  3. The exchange rate for some currencies is wrong. The lowest rate of course can't be higher than the current value:

All the issues are reported into bug tracking tool and can be observed here.

Application Accessibility issues

To tell the truth, we expected much better accessibility support from Revolut application, since their user base is big and there is definitely a large group of people that may have visual impairments.

  1. Many elements miss the android:contentDescription attributes that doesn't allow users with visual issues to use the app properly.
  2. A lot of text elements have not enough contrast especially in Account section.
  3. Tap area is too small for many functional icons or buttons.
  4. Application content is not organised into single announcement to form natural grouping. An example is the transaction in Accounts screen that consists of title, description, icon, amount and can be grouped into one accessibility announcement.

What users say in Google Play comments? It is important to have not only a nice product but also proper communication with customers. This is partially achieved through the Revolut Chat functionality but users also leave their feedback in Google Play where all of them remain not responded. Here are some take offs from the Revolut Android app on Google Play comments:

  1. Not easy to use for the first time.
  2. No strait-forward access to Human chat agents.
  3. Hard if not impossible to close account if opened.
  4. Chat problems - freezes, empty spaces are shown instead of text on lower network connections.
  5. Many people complained about the problem to top up the account using credit card with 3D security option.
  6. App is quite a good until you have to change a phone and go through support.

What we'd definitely suggest is to fix the lack of response to customers in Google Play. Negative comments should not be left without any feedback from Revolut customer support.


As the Revolut users we are happy to have such product on the market which helps to cut high banking fees. From the other side the Revolut Android application quality may be much better taking into account their mobile only approach for private customers.

Thank you for reading. If this review was valuable for you share it with others. All together we will make mobile applications better ;)