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Send incoming SMS to Slack – #smsToSlack

Let’s talk about Slack and how to forward the SMS to one or multiple Slack channels easily with #smsToSlack Android application.

When would you need to redirect SMS to Slack?

  1. When you have a shared phone number among team members to get verification codes from multiple services.
  2. In case you want to validate SMS sending functionality of the app you work on.
  3. Any other use case you can come up with, including sending multiple SMS into multiple Slack channels.

#smsToSlack app features:

  • Multiple Slack Channels redirection support.
  • Possibility to create Redirection Rules for SMS redirection based on Sender name or based on the Phone number.
  • It is running even after application was killed manually or by the Android operation system.
  • Application process is started automatically after device reboot.
  • GitHub repository where you can download the Android apk file for installation or download directly here.

See how-to video about #smsToSlack application:

Setting up Slack

We would need:

  1. The Slack team workspace.
  2. Enabled Incoming WebHook for a channel or for a single user.

We assume that the Slack workspace exists and directly jump into setting up Incoming WebHook.

Enabling Incoming WebHook

  1. In Slack applications section search for Incoming WebHooks

2. From Incoming WebHooks page click Add configuration

3. Inside WebHook configuration select channel or user. It can be overridden later.

after click Add Incoming WebHook integration button.

And finally Save your Settings:

Installing #smsToSlack Android application

  1. On mobile device enable Install unknown apps option.
  2. Click the #smsToSlack link and install the .apk file.

Using #smsToSlack Android application

  1. The first step you need to do after application launch is to add a Channel:

2. After clicking + button, you would be asked for SMS permission:

3. In Add Channel screen provide existing Slack Channel name and WebHook:

4. Save your changes:

5. After that you are ready to add the SMS Redirection Rules. Tap + button to start adding the Rule:

6. In Add Rule screen provide Rule name, select one of the added Channel you want to redirect SMS to, provide SMS Sender name or Phone number. Save your changes:

7. If everything was successful new Redirection Rule will appear in Redirection Rules list:

From the moment the first Redirection Rule is created, #smsToSlack application starts listening for incoming SMS and forward it to Slack application based on the Rules created.