UI Automator Cheat Sheet

In addition to Espresso-Web cheat sheet we thought that it would be nice to have similar cheat sheet for UI Automator APIs. And we did it - the UI Automator API methods were split into six groups to reflect the usage area and make it simplier to remember and navigate through them:

  • act - represents actions that can be performed on the device.
  • find - contains methods to find single or multiple objects inside the UI.
  • get - calls in this group allow to retrieve device or package properties.
  • set - is responsible for layout hierarchy compression.
  • wait - shows waiting methods.
  • watch - consolidates all the methods related to UiWatcher mechanism.

uiautomator cheat sheet

More information about Espresso-Web, including real examples, you can find inside the Android Espresso Revealed book.

android espresso revealed