Our services

  • Manual Testing:

    • Functional testing - ensures that you application follows functional requirements. We can perform such tests based on provided checklists or test cases, or delegate their creation to us.

    • Exploratory or Context driven testing - you can rely on our experience and let us test your application with the fresh eyes. Missing documentation is not a problem. We will dive into application functionalities and identify issues while learning them.

    • Accessibility Testing - this type of testing is done to identify problematic application areas for people with visual impairment, so they will be able to use your product without major problems.

  • Test Automation:

    • User Interface Test Automation - to ensure that your application follows its functional requirements, they must be transferred into automated User Interface tests. Having them in place will help your product to achieve high quality standards and reduce time-consuming manual testing load.

    • Performing Monkey Test - to keep your application stable it must be tested for reliability. Our monkey tests will stress-test your application, so you can be sure that the chance of application crash occurrence is reduced to minimum.

  • Interviewing Quality Assurance and Test Automation Engineers

    • Interviewing Quality Assurance Engineers - with our expertise in Quality Assurance we are keen to help you to hire the right QA Engineer. On your behalf we can conduct interviews focusing on what is really essential for this role. We will help you to identify high-performance candidates and filter out incompetent ones.

    • Interviewing Test Automation Engineers - we possess enough Test Automation knowledge and experience to perform interviews for such roles. Delegate interviews to us to save your time and let professionals examine the candidate.